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Make Your Trip Your Own Plan your perfect trip including multiple destinations, rest stops, scenic detours, fuel stops, and more.

Set your driving preferences— such as how frequently you want to make a rest stop, what hours you want to drive, or even if you want to avoid driving on busy interstates—to create your ultimate trip.Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS Locator pairs the trip-planning features of Streets & Trips software with a compact, cable-free Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver.This device plugs directly into your laptop and when used with Streets & Trips gives you spoken driving guidance plus automatic rerouting if you miss a turn, making it easier to navigate with confidence.This obviously doesn't impact the functionality of the software but it just looks like a step backward.I also have a Tom-Tom which my wife and I use for short trips and to get directions from point A to point B within the state.

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