Smart dating tips

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Ask anyone who has been on any dating site for more than a few months.

Sometimes it goes in cycles - you have a plethora of men wanting to meet you and then, at other times, you can go a week without an email from a new guy.

Our relationship experts share their best practical dating tips for smart women: 1.

Use your resources well, otherwise you can get “date weary,” trying to do too much, go out too often, overcommit to things that may look like promising ways to meet guys, etc. Go for coffee, a quick lunch or a drink at happy hour. Wrong, yet also leaves the space to suggest continuing the date if it’s going well. If you meet a guy online, don’t let too much time pass before you have that first meeting. Alcohol is a nice social lubricant you should keep your drinking to a two-drink maximum.

Once you meet in person, it's important to date smart.

There’s no magic wand that will make your relationship succeed, but these guidelines will set you on a course that will circumvent a lot of problems along the road to happily ever after.

It’s true, something as trivial as texting can interfere with our romantic relationships.

So when it comes to dating, proper text etiquette can save your flame from extinguishing at the touch of the “send” button.

Just because you can do everything, doesn’t mean you should.It’s the mildly schadenfreude experience of feeling sheepishly grateful that your own problems aren’t quite as bad as the people on the screen’s.But even if the show itself was shallow entertainment, Stanger regularly doled out pretty solid wisdom, like “most people can’t find love because they’re picky, they overanalyze, and they find things wrong in people,” and “I don’t care who you are—if you treat women like crap…The same goes for, where 25 percent of its members are between 50 and 65, that segment having grown 89 percent in the last five years (71 percent after a divorce and 11 percent who were widowed). If online dating isn't your cup of tea, you can meet someone through professional contacts.That represents millions of singles looking for love. You may ask friends to set you up, you could join special-interest groups -- book clubs, hiking groups, tennis teams, ski clubs or even a ballroom dancing or salsa group -- or you could just get creative. Stay true to what you want and need, and go from there. It's key to know what you want and to let a man know it. Create that subtle balance between being outspoken about what you want and allow the unique connection to evolve.

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