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that was said to have saved Paris by diverting Attila's Huns away from the city.When Childeric I besieged the city in 464 and conquered it, she acted as an intermediary between the city and its conqueror, collecting food and convincing Childeric to release his prisoners.A female saint who died at the close of the fifth century, Geneviève became famous for saving Paris from the Huns in 451.

Rosalba Carriera made some of the most moving self-portraits. Please contact [email protected] use this work in a way not covered by the license.For more information, read Michigan Publishing's access and usage policy."Well, I'll give you this, Lupin – you sure know how to charm the ladies." Oh, if only I had known… That was much easier said than done, especially when she was stuck in the middle of all the drama her tentmate managed to conjure..."Sometimes I wish I was more of a traditional girl.The kind of girl that cries with girlfriends and eats ice-cream when her boyfriend breaks her heart. "I'm no one..." Belle Amera's archeological dig in Luxor, Egypt takes a turn for the worse. With dreams of a past unknown, ancient Goddesses, and a darkness that threatens to tear her world apart, what's a girl to do?

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