Ron and nicole were dating

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"He was mad." The charm and warmth that always radiated from Mr. "He didn't even say hello to her," said a member of the audience who was close to Mrs. "He just looked right through her." It was the last time they were seen together in public. Simpson and a party of relatives dined at Mezzaluna, a chic Italian restaurant in Brentwood that was one of her favorites and where a 25-year-old named Ronald L. Yet the days before and after his former wife was killed peeled away layers of polish and grace. Simpson returned home, only to realize she had left her glasses at the restaurant. Goldman, although he had not waited on her table, agreed to drop them off, leaving work about . Her vanity license plate read, "L84AD8," which translated to "late for a date." On several occasions, friends said, Mr. Goldman driving the car and was not happy about it.

Simpson, the dinner was something of a declaration of independence. Simpson charged with murder in their deaths, every private moment has become fodder for public scrutiny. Did his possessiveness become an obsession that was inflamed by their last break-up? Simpson -- the self-proclaimed "baddest cat" of his boyhood neighborhood in San Francisco, the polished star of football and Hollywood or some combination of the two in which one never quite gave way to the other? Simpson's life in Southern California was one of celebrity and its trappings. No one has offered a description of what exactly Mr.

Goldman never succumbed to the seedier side of life in the City of Angels.

He rarely ever drank, never took drugs and kept to a strict, low-fat diet.

He had shared with friends his vision of opening a future restaurant or bar characterized not by a name, but by the ankh (an Egyptian religious symbol of life that matched the tattoo on his shoulder).

According to police and friends, their relationship was platonic.

Even some of his friends now say they are beginning to question whether they knew him as well as they thought. Shortly after midnight, with Sydney and her younger brother, Justin, 6, still asleep, the bloodied bodies of Mrs. Goldman were found on the path leading from the sidewalk, and Mr.

The Last Weekend A Celebration, And Violence One day before the bodies were discovered, Mr. Simpson sat in a first-class seat, flying to Chicago for a Monday business appointment.

According to the article, he had borrowed her car when he met his friend, Craig Clark, for lunch.

According to Clark, he told him it was her car, but that he did not say she was his girlfriend. At the time he was murdered, on the evening of Sunday, June 12, 1994, Goldman had a job as a waiter at Mezzaluna Trattoria, a restaurant located at 11750 San Vicente Boulevard in Santa Monica.

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