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And not femininity as an object of desire, but femininity as a force.

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When Dallas announces he has a plan to move their act to Miami, Mike confides in Brooke that he is tiring of the lifestyle and wants to get a small business loan to pursue his dream of opening a custom furniture business.

The bank declines his loan application and Mike realizes that he has to stay in the business to continue to pay his bills.

Free Association has a robust and ambitious slate of projects ahead of them, as their feature development deal at Sony has them working on “Evel,” the biopic of Evel Knievel, which is being written by Carolin with Tatum set to star.

Mike De Luca and Dana Brunetti are producing with Free Association. It is the true story of Lou Peters, a small town Cadillac dealer and family man who goes undercover to take down a mob boss.

So I went down to her apartment downtown, and I went up to the top of this building and walked into her apartment, and she was in overalls covered with paint, and there were all these canvases all over the place, and she was just painting.Mike (Channing Tatum) has big plans for a business of his own but pays his bills through a series of odd jobs, most notably performing as the star stripper at Xquisite Strip Club in Tampa, a club owned by Dallas (Matthew Mc Conaughey), who has dreams of creating an "empire" of strip clubs.Mike soon meets 19-year-old Adam (Alex Pettyfer), a recent college dropout looking for a construction job.In 2008, Paul Kagame, as President of Rwanda, had released the findings from an investigation into the massacre which had occurred there in 1994, when fighting began in the Eastern Congo at Rwanda's western border. The movie picks up three years after Mike seemingly said good-bye to stripping, when he decides to join his fellow male entertainers for one last show-stopping shirtless performance at the annual stripper convention in Myrtle Beach. She came down early in pre-production and sat with Reid and Chan and I, and we sort of shaped it.

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