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“Kau Ngaue Ofa” is what the Peace Corps is called in the Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga (where there have been volunteers since 1967 and still are, working in education and economic development). I learned this from a book I found at the staff office in Tirana.They have several shelves in the lounge for a book exchange among the volunteers.While I had respect, it took time to build credibility.But through perseverance and persistence, in time most of the community where I lived saw the value of the education projects I was working on.” –Julia Field, stationed in The Dominican Republic What has been your favorite memory in the Peace Corps?Illinois State has a strong partnership with Peace Corps, dating back to 1994 with the first Coverdell Fellows master’s program in community and economic development for returned volunteers, launched jointly with Western Illinois University.

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The Peace Corps is also funding a graduate assistant at Illinois State to serve as a campus recruiter.

I did know a few couples that had served together in the Peace Corps early in their marriage and it did seem that they had a special bond between them.

Even if that is true, it is hard to know whether that is due to the personality type of a volunteer or to their shared experience.

Read the stories from the Peace Corps with volunteers describing their day-to-day life without a filter.

I asked currently deployed and recently returned Peace Corps volunteers some simple questions pertaining to their 27-month experience.

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