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The babies given this access to their mother's skin tended to have more stable temperatures, heart rates and gastrointestinal function, and they slept more, cried less and grew faster, Bigelow adds.Moms-to-be should remember that going bare can lead to breastfeeding success.

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Basically, the “vaginal car wash” will come sometime after delivery (and more than once, if needed), and just involves a little rinse-down with a peri bottle and a pat down with a dry cloth—the point is to clean up any blood that will be leaking out after the surgery.

So here I am baking this cake and hear my phone go off and see my mom has sent me a text.

Thinking it’s a cake based tip of some sort I open the text only to be horrified to find a picture of my mother laying on her bed in just her panties with a caption saying “so you’ll think of me the rest of the day.” This was immediately followed up with an apology saying it was meant for my dad and how embarassed she was. They don’t live close by and I won’t see them until Christmas.

Until her second birthday or thereabouts, your toddler is unlikely to pay much attention to whether you or anyone else has clothes on.

But at some point, usually around 24 months, she'll begin to develop a sense of herself as a separate person, which includes a sense of her body (and yours) as having private parts.

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