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Nor is it swinging or adultery; polyamorists aren't into cheating or one-night wife-swaps.

It also differs from the hippie notion of "free love", which was primarily about enjoying sex.

Like to sample any of our more than i could even imagine that's what she wanted, and the day after.

With the UK's first "poly" website just launched, and Polyday taking place in London later this month, it seems there's never been a better time for "ethical non-monogamists" to stand up and be counted. This isn't polygamy, where one person (usually male) has numerous spouses who cannot pursue other liaisons themselves.It was her doing, not the culture.' Well, I was part of that culture too.As a university student between 19, I experienced first-hand the impact of the sexual revolution, and the sweeping changes it wrought between men and women.It was not 'the free love culture' which caused her death, they insist, but her own self-indulgence. To me, this is one of the most fascinating issues of our time - raising so many questions about freewill, and cause and effect.I'm always amazed at the way the liberal Left (a broad church, with which I'd have once identified) is eager to make excuses for any dubious results of their progressive ideas.

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