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I managed to do something with the and files without doing any reprogramming of the script itself, as I am not a "programmer" but able to get around scripts fairly well. i dont know how to store data in text file(flat file) and to display data to the browser.those steps give me headech.please if someone can help me,ill be gratefull.thanks If you go directly to the file you will see a bunch of php errors but worse anyone can click the big grey button and delete all your members info. I've not been able to fix this without breaking something else. (or point to an image from within the server in order to avoid using an outside link) some may not like having their images used without permission. We provided the tools for your users to present themselves in a perfect, all-encompassing way.Our Dating Joomla Templates are easy to install and manage. If you have any questions regarding the shopping process, template customization or anything similar, please contact us via chat box bellow. Preview the Live Demos of our Dating Joomla Templates, and chose the one that will be a perfect match!

In the second, we looked at why you would want to use TDEs and some sample use cases.

The Windows search is probably better for this, just browse to the top directory you wish to start at, and leave the filename blank.

It will list all files, then simply click "Date Modified" as shown here: This works, but it groups the files by folder.

The question of how to express a date in numbers that precedes "1/1/1" also arises (how to express a date that is "B.

Flat File Database Manager will allow you to manage (update/delete/add) records in your flatfile database.

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