Dating a transgenders in prison

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Yet she has breasts and obvious signs of female transition.

Robert says, "The State is housing a woman in a man's prison." This a serious issue many transgender people face; being actively incarcerated they are fearful of being threatened, abused, beaten and even raped in prison.

There was cheering and people banging on the windows." In the reception, other inmates initially assumed she was a member of staff: "When they'd seen me being checked in, they were just confused, and then they were cheering and making comments.

Because Mississippi lacks hate crime legislation, Jackson County prosecutors sought the cooperation of federal authorities to see if such charges could be pursued.Hate Crimes Prevention Act to charge someone for targeting a transgender victim, according to the Justice Department.“Today’s sentencing reflects the importance of holding individuals accountable when they commit violent acts against transgender individuals,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement.Mary maintains it was unnecessary and unfair for her to be put in male prisons.“People must think if you go to a female prison, you’re going to rape women and you’re not — it doesn’t make any sense,” Mary said.

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