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However, he shared a video of The Amazing World of Gumball--and called out trolls at the same time, natch--on Facebook in January 2015, meaning that he most likely still watches the network despite their airing of the blue-armed bandit.

Chris has always been a fan of Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law, so in 2005, he entered a contest in which the participant had to to make a commercial for the first DVD release of the show.

Published by the same team that have the Worms franchise under their belts, Overcooked is hectic fun with a side helping of hospitality-related stress.

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I mean, there are a lot of games out there, but how to know which is best for your burgeoning button-mashers? For ages ranging from five to fifteen, and above (we're not ageist here), get gaming with the family this Xmas with these 7 games.Of course, he felt the need to shoehorn in off-topic references about his life issues, similar to his his later videos.Of interesting note is the show Moral Orel, which is a claymation series mainly focused at deconstructing fundamentalism, and the merging of church and state, which is common in the Midwestern United States and Bible Belt.He has also downloaded 0 worth of episodes from various Adult Swim series since fall 2009, through the Play Station Network.Owing to his love of Adult Swim, in 2009 Chris was discovered on the Adult Swim message boards.

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